Guaranteeing data sovereignty in the day and age of the Cloud, is no easy task, however, it is needed to control and implement data protection and compliance requirements.

At the heart of our technologies are, therefore, procedures that allow for granular control of access rights to information and conceivable conclusions. Absolutely Unique!

However, data sovereignty requires not only access protection, but also transparency. That’s why we can use the same technology to comprehensively record all personal data in the company over its entire lifecycle. The result is a data protection map that goes far beyond the electronic procedure directory – and which also supports legally compliant handling of data subjects’ rights in accordance with the GDPR, if required.

And to ensure that as many companies and government agencies as possible can benefit from controllable AI technologies, we provide the Empolis Intelligent Views Platform® as the foundation for research and platform initiatives around Gaia-X.

A great example is the recently launched SPELL project – The Semantic Platform for Intelligent Decision and Operations Support in Control Centers and Situation Management.

Together with our partners, we are building an infrastructure in SPELL that supports the reliable trustworthy exchange of sensitive data in crisis situations – as a basis for faster and better decisions.

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