Empolis Knowledge Express®

Enterprise Search.

All your data in one result list –
search once, find everything.

Empolis Knowledge Express® makes all data easily accessible: documents from network drives, Sharepoint and Teams, scientific articles and data from the ERP system or other databases.

AI for Users.

Seek things as you know them,
no matter what others call them.

The integrated AI understands different vocabularies, nomenclatures and contexts. Thus, all users can search in their own (technical) language and still receive the right information.

Guided Workflows.

Get guidance on recurring tasks –
and document what you’ve done along the way.

No one knows every single company process, which sometimes makes even simple procedures complicated. Our Guided workflows lead employees along the intended path to the goal.

Knowledge Transfer.

Help your colleagues get better
by simply sharing your knowledge with them.

Experience is priceless. But outside of research and development, experience is rarely documented. Thus, the knowledge of long-standing employees is not available to young colleagues. Our “Knowledge Transfer” component allows you to document experiences quickly and share it with your colleagues easily.

Optimized knowledge networks.

Discover the connections between your work
and all the other topics and experts within your company.

Your company’s know-how is enormous – but who can answer your specific question? Thanks to our patented “Enterprise Knowledge Graph”, it’s easy to find the right expert for any topic – orr the right community.


We would be happy to present Empolis Knowledge Express® to you using an example. If you tell us a bit about your company and provide us with some test data, you can also test Empolis Knowledge Express® with colleagues. Free of charge, of course!

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