As part of the digital transformation, companies must reinvent themselves and transfer historically evolved processes, systems and data structures into cutting-edge technologies.

They must unleash the potential of data trapped in silo structures, network it and enrich it with meaning, because this is the only way to truly create value. Digital models and intelligent applications that link employee expertise with artificial intelligence techniques lead to new opportunities.

Most importantly: AI must be transparent and comprehensible. That’s why Knowledge Graphs are at the heart of our Empolis Intelligent Views Platform® and solutions.

Knowledge graphs can map subject areas and business processes in their contexts and thus activate your corporate knowledge:

  • They provide the basis for artificial intelligence that is explainable and can collaborate with subject matter experts.
  • Informed decisions and minimized risk based on a digital business twin.
  • They make lightweight integrations possible, making them key to the digital workplace.
  • Automation of processes for intelligent analyses, and assistance functionalities – as stand-alone, knowledge-graph-based applications or as intelligent services for existing applications.

Structure and areas of application

The Knowledge Graph structure is almost always driven by defined business requirements. Thus, the business user must be enabled to design her/his application and enrich it with her/his expertise. The Empolis Intelligent Views Platform® provides everything needed for this purpose and much more.

Typical fields of application include intelligent product information, the digital workplace and compliance.

  • Modeling replaces programming – allows business users to conveniently create, enrich and agilely adapt their knowledge graphs without extensive IT knowledge.
  • Industry-proven – with everything needed for professional use: from the patented rights and role system, high integration capability, to support for open standards.
  • Integrated environment – for your Knowledge Graph: ranging from design to building intelligent applications and services.
  • Powerful and expressive – in dealing with complex contexts, regardless of whether internal or external.

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