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Empolis Knowledge Express®.

Delivering insights in an instant. Simply access all your data from a central search function and receive intelligently linked knowledge across departmental boundaries.

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AI-powered Knowledge Platform

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Accessible knowledge becomes a competitive factor. Knowledge Graphs exploit implicit knowledge captured in documents and deliver real added value for better decisions thanks to context. This is how the technology works.


Success Story

Yaveon generates additional value from its data due to combining knowledge-carrying systems with their ERP system.

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AI technology, that works like humans think? Sure, it delivers context and explainability. Get more insights.

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Use Cases

Enterprise knowledge platform
for instant results

Knowledge is one of the most important corporate resources. Unfortunately, however, it is just as difficult to grasp. It’s smart to use the latest AI technologies to harness hidden knowledge from instructions, emails, or patent documents and profit from it.

  1. Boost team performance

    Share all your information and data with your team to get consistent results faster and avoid duplicate work.

  2. Uncover hidden potential

    Find the best experts and solutions in your company for each task, instead of investing in external consultants, by making it easy for everyone to collaborate and share knowledge and experience.

  3. Minimize avaodable risk

    Make decisions in your company based on a common information base as a single source of truth, where everyone can see and check each other's assumptions.

Feature Highlights

More insights & context
than just another search funktion

Any enterprise search engine can find documents fast. Empolis Knowledge Express® goes one big step further: it provides additional context for every search query, promotes knowledge transfer, and identifies the right expert.

  1. Break up data silos

    The semantic search enables users to retrieve valuable knowledge captured in wide-spread documents and data sources.

  2. Prove your claims with data

    Convince skeptics and refute half-knowledge by linking all sources. Interlinked data supports validation and tracing of claims for informed decisions.

  3. Learn from your professionals

    Predefined templates make knowledge creation user-friendly and super easy. Say goodbye to knowledge drain and inefficient knowledge transfer.

Gain new flexibility and in-depth knowledge.
It will be a game changer.



Increased team productivity due to a shared database and less research effort – simply pool the knowledge, you already have within your company.


Double Work

Continue to use the knowledge you have gained and refine your knowledge base continuously, instead of starting from scratch with each new project.


Knowledge Sharing

Accelerate onboarding processes and focus on lifelong learning by simply leveraging synergies between your experts, expertise and technologies.


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what we do

Empolis Knowledge Express® is a digital knowledge platform that centralizes access to company-wide knowledge and data sources, connects the right people with each other, and boosts research productivity. This enables companies across all industries to achieve cost reduction goals thanks to accessing to their own experienced-based knowledge across departmental boundaries.

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Knowledge management with AI technology?
Get further insights for better decisions.

Intelligent knowledge management makes everyday tasks easier and more efficient. Here you will find more information about the use of knowledge graphs, practical application examples, and success stories.

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