A new era
of human and machine interaction.

Being at the heart of Empolis solutions, the Knowledge Graph technology creates true value. It is transparent and comprehensible. And a bit revolutionary.

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Knowledge graphs are extremely powerful and flexible when it comes to identifying only relevant information from different data sources. Learn more about business use cases.

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Business Use Case

The perfect team
of humans and AI

Automating decision processes in the plant, extending impact analyses for cost-intensive projects, or uncovering legal relationships relevant to regulatory compliance – many processes need a broad set of information. Knowledge Graphs therefore form the essential foundation, as they transform human knowledge into formats that machines can take advantage of.

Adding a semantic dimension
to truly understand the meaning of data.

& flexible

Without any required IT knowledge, users simply use drag & drop or customize the menu selection to get the right answer to their question.

& comprehensible

By visualizing interconnections within complex topics, users gain implicit company knowledge at a highly impressive clarity.

& adaptive

High integration capability helps in various use cases to overcome information fragmentation and the discovery of hidden redundancies.

Technology Insight

Difficult questions
made easy to answer

Imagine the potential of data trapped in siloed structures becoming available within minutes. Mapping subject areas, retracing related topic information, and viewing business processes in their contexts become a breeze.


Lightweight AI-integrations
to the digital workplace

Being transparent, traceable, and verifiable from any point of view, this technology makes Empolis Knowledge Express® a powerful tool for business users, as it reveals implicit facts and interrelations out of wide-spread documents and siloed systems.

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