See more details
than just the big picture.

As data volume grows exponentially, companies need context to increase productivity and efficiency. Give your colleagues what they need to understand context and relations. For faster results and better decisions.

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A central search function
delivers all results needed

Find documents directly, no matter where or in what format they are stored. What’s more, AI-powered search understands more than 36 languages, forgives typos, knows synonyms, and helps you find all relevant matches quickly.


Accessable knowledge
becomes your strategic asset

Companies have enormous know-how – heterogeneously structured information only prevents them from accessing it. Empolis Knowledge Express® changes that. It recognizes related information to the search query, identifies connections, and thus facilitates cross-departmental collaboration.

Knowledge Network

Get sound answers
to specific questions

Finding answers to specific questions can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Thanks to the patented Knowledge Graph technology, you can find the right expert – or the right community – for any topic more quickly. This simplifies internal research and saves costs for external consultants.

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Knowledge Graphs
simply explained

According to leading analysts, Knowledge Graph technology is becoming one of the most important foundations for the digital transformation of information and decision-making processes. Learn more about the areas of application and concrete use cases.

The revolution
of decision-making

Serving as a bridge between humans and AI techniques simply by adding context, this technology enables smart decision-making processes and in-depth data insights. Leverage greater automation and intelligence in your business with this technology.

Knowledge Transfer

A wealth of experience
from which everyone benefits

Experience is priceless. But the knowledge gained from experience often remains incompletely documented and is not passed on. With the “Knowledge Transfer” module, you document experience faster in daily routines and share it easily with your colleagues.

Guided Workflows

In-time guidance
on recurring tasks

No one knows every single company process, which sometimes makes even simple procedures complicated. Our Guided workflows lead employees along the intended path to the goal. Including documentation of every step, aligned with compliance and faster than any manual.

Access Privileges & SYSTEM INTEGRATION

and trusted transparency

Fast access to information is important. That’s why Empolis Knowledge Express® centralizes data access using a comprehensive API and standard interfaces. That’s why it doesn’t matter whether the documents you’re looking for are stored in network drives, Sharepoint and Teams, scientific articles, the ERP system as well as other databases – you can find the information you need with just a few clicks. This significantly reduces the search effort and makes the contained knowledge from documents immediately accessible. At the same time, data protection and compliance requirements are implemented with sophisticated role and rights management that lets you control access rights granularly.

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