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Our customers use Empolis Knowledge Express® to optimize their internal processes - from research to sales. Whether as enterprise search software, knowledge database or internal expert network - the standard solution fulfills a wide range of scenarios.


Merck networks its experts
in an internal knowledge platform

Many R&D investments are not used efficiently due to a lack of information and coordination. Oliver Klaeffing, Head of Merck Innovation Center, wanted to improve the status quo. He is introducing a globally available platform for his experts that reveals synergies and accelerates cross-divisional collaboration on innovations.

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Yaveon uses AI
for the optimal use of project knowledge

The combination of knowledge-carring systems with the ERP system brought the breakthrough, Matthias Sebald, portfolio manager at Yaveon, is certain. He and his colleagues particularly appreciate the access to all data sources in the company in order to exploit the full potential and process customer projects with greater efficiency.

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