Empolis Intelligent Views Platform®

Never again say, “Had I only known sooner!”

The Empolis Intelligent Views Platform® provides you with an easy way to capture all information and sources in knowledge-intensive processes across the entire lifecycle, link them together and share them with others in a trustworthy manner.

Easy to use and optimally integrated into your office products and browser environments used on a daily basis. This makes secure decision-making fun again!

  1.  Bring all of your data together in one spot
    • From your existing applications
    • From your documents
    • From your employees’ minds
  2. Capture and link all information and contextual relationships
    • In a knowledge graph that works like humans think
    • Without leaving your usual applications
  3. Make sound decisions based on well-founded information
    • Systematically compare possible alternatives
    • Identify opportunities and risks
    • Use your documented experience – and that of your colleagues

Empolis Intelligent Views Platform® helps you to

  • bring all your existing data together in one spot => research
  • quickly capture new information from e-mails, documents or the Internet => link them together
  • map all information in the contexts that are relevant to you => visualize

The foundation for your decisions: At a single glance

  • Quickly find all the information that is relevant for your decision
  • Identify missing information and fill the gaps together with your colleagues
  • Document the information that was available to you to make your decision
  • Share decisions – and information – with colleagues, partners, and the public & document what you shared, when, and with whom

Support for knowledge workers – Security for businesses

  • Platform offers not only the best tools to make data-driven decisions, but also a secure information architecture to capture, process and distribute information in a secure, privacy and legally compliant way.

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