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Decision-makers are drowning in a flood of data. Nevertheless, they need to make good decisions. They get the right support from Knowledge Graph - a knowledge-based AI that delivers the right answers through context and relevance.

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Recommendations on Netflix, context information on Google and thematic suggestions on Facebook have one thing in common: Knowledge Graph. The knowledge-based technology determines the content of a file from the context and does not need mass data to learn. It is the missing piece of the puzzle to quickly and flexibly obtain the right information in a flood of data that can be relied upon to be up-to-date and relevant. Regardless of the data source or format.

The next big step will be to combine this data-driven AI with knowledge-based AI. Particularly in the business context, new application opportunities are emerging, such as:

  • Review of scenarios in risk management
  • Feasibility analysis in research
  • Validation of strategic decisions

In this free report from the Thought Leadership Series, Stephanie Simone looks at the future of artificial intelligence and uses practical examples to explain the relevance and added value of this technology. And how companies can already benefit today.

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